The events in Cwynhild’s Loom take place within a specific area on Mars. Featured below are some of the key locations in the story.

Cities and Towns

Chryse – Capital city and largest population center of Mars, located on Chryse Bay in the Green Zone. Seven million people and most corporate offices call it home.

Prosperity – Small mining settlement in the southern hemisphere, located at the southwest edge of the Daedalia Planum. Home of Nightingale Mine #3.


Physical Features

Chryse Bay – Large bay which dips towards the equator into the Green Zone. Its southern shores are highly populated.

Daedalia Planum – High, flat, featureless desert region in the southern hemisphere located due south of the Tharsis region. The planum’s elevation slopes downward to the southwest. It is mostly uninhabitable.

Green Zone – Large region of terraformed land within 10 degrees north and south of the equator, east of the Tharsis region and surrounding Chryse Bay. 90 percent of the population on Mars lives in this Earthlike area. 80 percent of all agriculture occurs in the Green Zone as well.

Martian Great Lakes – Large water-filled system of canyons along the equator south of Chryse Bay and east of the Tharsis region. Officially known as the Valles Marinerus, this spectaular region features deep waters lined by high canyon walls. Depth from the top of the canyons to the bottom of the deepest lakes can reach 11 kilometers. A prime vacation spot and playground for the wealthy, the lakes serve as a major drainage channel from the Tharsis Montes into Chryse Bay.

Noctis Labyrinthus – High region of zig-zag interconnecting canyons wedged between the Tharsis region and the Martian Great Lakes. The canyons are typically waterfilled in the rainy season but dry at most other times.

Tharsis Region – Large, uninhabitable, extremely high volcanic plain featuring several of the largest volcanoes in the solar system. The Tharsis region stretches thousands of kilometers across both the northern and southern hemispheres.