Cwynhild's Loom
Cwynhild's Loom by Autumn Lansing

Cwynhild's Loom - Book 1: Page 20

Book 1: The Space Between the Lines / Chapter 2: Nightingale

Page 20

Hand of Fate

So after two chapters of setting up the story, it now begins to charge forward. Expect lots of surprises and lots of action.

And yes, I changed Cwyn’s hair AGAIN. This should be the final time though. I’ve finally stumbled upon something I like. I’ve been looking to make her hair less rigid and more natural, but it was hard to find anything that worked. It needed to be short, slightly boyish, but yet still feminine, and it needed to flow. This one fulfills all those qualities. I’m trying to be more naturalistic in all my artwork, so expect more changes, but most of them should be much less dramatic than Cwyn’s hair.


Site Redesign


Welcome to the new website for Cwynhild’s Loom. The original site was built when I was too busy to do anything but slap together a quick ComicPress site, but now that web development is part of what I do for a living, I thought it time to modernize and update. That, plus I utterly hate the nightmare of code that calls itself WordPress. For those who care about such things, the new site was written mostly in Perl using the Catalyst framework.

This also means that I’ll be updating comics once again after stopping for a while. I’m not committing to any strict schedule at the moment though. I’m hoping to eventually release one page a week, but if I don’t, I’m not going to stress about it. Work and family come first. Starting with Page 31 though, I’m using Krita instead of Inkscape and Gimp. Krita is amazing, and it’ll definitely improve both my speed and my artwork, so once I get my workflow figured out, I might be able to meet that weekly goal, and perhaps more.

I hope you enjoy the continuing story of Cwynhild’s Loom. Thanks for reading!