Cwynhild's Loom
Cwynhild's Loom by Autumn Lansing


The Story

In Earth Year 2353, the alien Mentakans invaded the solar system, quickly overwhelming Earth and leaving only the Martian colonists to resist. The colonists found themselves at a physical disadvantage however. Incapable of fighting in Earth’s gravity without the use of cumbersome exoskeletons, the Martian government authorized the creation of the Valhalla Program to modify select female soldiers with cybernetic implants. Known as Valkyries, these supersoldiers turned the tide of war, and soon Earth was free.

With the war over, Martian leaders, newly independent from Earth, grew concerned about reintegrating the Valkyries into society. Remembering the AI War, many feared that the cyborgs were too dangerous to be allowed freedom, and a decision was made to “clip” them, deactivating as much of their tech as possible. At least that was what the Valkyries were told. It soon became apparent though that clipping meant crippling or even killing, and the remaining Valkyries refused to submit. Branded as outlaws, they went into hiding.

Cwynhild’s Loom tells the story of Cwynhild Faer, the most notorious of the renegade Valkyries, as she attempts to stay one step ahead of those who hunt her down, eking out a meager living and working with her companions towards the day when her kind can once again live free.

The Characters

  • Cwynhild
  • Fiona
  • Jake
  • Amon
  • Nightingale
Cwynhild Faer
Former Martian miliary officer transformed into a cyborg supersoldier. Now a fugitive from the law.
Fiona Nightingale
Daughter of Ezekiel Nightingale. Bold and observant, she's very young and still unsure of her place in the universe.
Jake Edwards
Former military pilot assigned to the Valkyrie brigade. Lost his Valkyrie wife to the government's deactivation plan.
Amon Thorn
Bioroboticist who designed the Valkyrie program. Now aids the former supersoldiers.
Ezekiel Nightingale
Second richest man on Mars. CEO of Nightingale Corp., which controls much of the robotic, tech and defense industries on Mars.

The Setting

Official Name
Martian Conglomerate
Major Languages
Esperanto (official), English, Spanish, Chinese
Generally subtropical near the equator, temperate between 10 degrees and 20 degrees north and south, subarctic between 20 degrees and 30 degrees north and south, arctic north and south of 30 degrees.