Doh! She did say it.

Yes, I’m back after a short hiatus. Sorry about that, but I needed the break. I was pretty burned out from having to do the comic on a weekly schedule, and I had to get away from it for a while. It normally takes at least 20 hours of work to get one of these pages done. On top of a full time job and other responsibilities, that left me little actual time to do anything else, and it was stressing me to a high degree. This type of comic is a lot more complicated to create than something like xkcd or Dilbert, where the simplistic artwork might only take an hour or two to complete, and I’m also still learning and growing as a comic artist, so magic doesn’t flow from my fingers. I have to put a lot of sweat into this.

I can’t guarantee any schedule right now. I’m just going to draw when I can and not work myself to death trying to put this thing out. It’s not like I’m earning an income from it. I’m doing it because I enjoy it, and if the enjoyment goes away, then it’s not worth doing. I know a lot of people won’t read any comic that isn’t on at least a weekly schedule, and that’s fine. I’ve even heard some people say that if a comic misses one update they stop reading it. Personally, I think you’re a bit of an ass if you’re feel that way. To have that much of a sense of entitlement is a bit ridiculous. If a comic doesn’t update regularly, just put it in your RSS feed and you’ll never miss an update when it comes out. Unless you’re one of those who think RSS is heresy, which seems to be rather common in the webcomics world. Honestly, I couldn’t live without RSS. It puts everything in one easy spot for me to read rather than having to visit a gajillion websites and scroll their content to find what’s new, but if you think that’s the equivalent of sacrificing small children to Satan then more power to you. Basically I’m saying that if you’re offended because I’m not going to keep a regular schedule, then you’re free to stop reading. If you’re not, then enjoy! There’s much fun and excitement to come!